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Scott Capurro’s been a stand up superstar for over twenty five years now, enchanting and shocking audiences across most of the world. I’ve seen him more times than I can count (so over nine occasions!) and he’s never failed to make me physically hurt as I’ve laughed so much. Over the course of his career he’s won the top prize at the Edinburgh Festival, starred in enormously well known Hollywood films, been a regular on UK tv screens, and he’s loved by pretty much all comedy critics, with GQ magazine describing him as “the bravest and funniest comedian on the circuit” while Chortle said his was an “incredible, relentless performance” and The Guardian commented “The most fearless and technically perfect stand up on the circuit”, and if that isn’t enough to get you rushing to see him I honestly don’t know what will. Here he talks about his latest hour of comedy, the possible return of his live chat show, how he feels about Trump and Brexit and what it was like to appear on Fox News.

Comedy To Watch: Your current show, The Trouble With Scott Capurro, is at the Soho Theatre this week, how would you sell it to someone who wasn’t aware of your work?

Scott: Lots of jokes, some crunchy, but if you’re not shaking with anger and disillusionment by the end of my hour, you’ve not got your money’s worth.

CTW: You’ve had an amazing career but what would you say has been the absolute highlight of it?

Scott: The highlights are the unexpectedly enthusiastic response to my work, like yours, here. I’m glad when people like what I do, but a bit thrown off when they REALLY like my act because I’m an infamous room splitter. Dividing a crowd is not my intention, I’m just a clown, but sometimes jokes based on current events make peeps shudder.

CTW: And, conversely, what would you say has been the worst thing about your time as a comedian?

Scott: That hotel in Stoke.

CTW: I was an enormous fan of your live chat show Scott Capurro’s Position, is there any chance of it returning, and out of all of the shows you did which was your favourite, and why?

Scott: We’re in conversation with a theatre in London about doing the chat show again. Glad you enjoyed it, I LOVED those shows and really adore my cohost David Mills. We grew up together as comedians in Frisco, and sharing stage time with him was a great honour and always tremendous fun. Vivienne Westwood was a gorgeous, gracious guest. As were Lee Mack, Graham Norton, and even Gail Porter had her moments. It was all good.

CTW: Last year you were a guest on Fox News, what was it like to appear on the channel that so many despise?

Scott: Despise? Fox is HUGELY popular. Also my father watches Fox for the ladies, so I agreed to appear. It was odd, because I was interviewed on my computer in my living room. For a channel with so much money and viewing figures, it seemed shockingly casual. The person interviewing me attempted to lure me toward her perspective, and the struggle to make her see sense was challenging and stimulating. Would love to do it again, it’s sort of the front lines for an old hippy like me.

CTW: While we’re talking about things people despise, how has Trump’s election and Brexit effected your comedy?

Scott: Trump and Brexit both prove the same thing: We all have friends and relatives of whom were ashamed. I don’t care how peeps vote, none of my business, but their rationale always amuses me. Hypocrisy and lies feature in my act, especially if I can catch a front rower making excuses about their own suspicions. Chilling stuff, and delicious.

CTW: You’ve also appeared on The Wright Stuff a great deal, what was your favourite moment out of all of those times?

Scott: Making Matthew laugh. He’s a lovely man.

CTW: You spend most of your time in the UK, why do you prefer it to the US?

Scott: In the UK there’s more work for live comedy in a confined space and the promoters and producers seem less savage. Well that’s my take, although honestly when I play the US I’m mostly in California so I’m no expert. My work in the UK, the way it snowballed in the 90s and my life here now, just sort of happened.

CTW: I’ve seen you perform some beautifully outrageous material in the past, but is there any thing you’ve said that you’ve later regretted?

Scott: I once asked an old lady why she was alone in the front row? Were all her friends dead? I was being ‘edgy’. She informed me her son was dead and she was in town to attend his funeral. Debbie, meet Downer.

CTW: If money were no object, what would you like to create?

Scott: Money is no object, so I’m a comedian. But if I’d made a wise financial choice, also been born into money, had gone to Eton, rode a bike to work and was a bloated cunt, I’d dump coinage into wind turbines because we’re ecologically on a precipice.

CTW: What one piece of underrated comedy do you wish more people knew about?

Scott: Titania McGrath on Twitter. Fucking hilarious.

CTW: And finally, if you could interview yourself, what question would you most like to ask? And what would the answer be?

Scott: Question: Why are you alone? Are your friends all dead? Answer: Yes.

Alex Finch.

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