Comedy Snippets: 28/02/2019

comedy snippets

Hot Streets
I’m crazily late to the party with this, stretching the metaphor too far everyone’s so drunk they can barely speak and most are lying on the floor giggling, as this Adult Swim show debuted in December 2016 with a showing of it’s pilot, and the first series aired in January 2018, and now it’s back for a second season and I’ve only just got round to watching the pilot. On the strength of it I will be watching the rest though, as it was such an enormous amount of ridiculous fun. Created by Brian Wysol, who was previously a story editor on Rick and Morty and also a writer for Ant-Man animated series and Robot Chicken, it’s a supernatural themed show with two detectives trying to solve unusual cases, with the help of one of their nieces and their lovable dog Chubbie Webbers (voiced by Justin Roiland). It’s absurd, violent, silly, daft and unpredictable, so a lot like Rick and Morty then, and while it may not be quite as layered or as intelligent as that show if you’re a fan then you’ll probably really like this too.

I like Martin Clunes despite his insistence on playing grumpy sods for the past two decades or so, but this latest BBC1 sitcom really is poor stuff. The jokes are weak, the plot painfully contrived, and the lead female character seems to have some sort of serious mental illness as she’s so extremely paranoid, but the series wants us to laugh at her rather than fear for her continued existence. Depressingly this attracted 3.8 million viewers on Monday night, five hundred thousand more than the return of Alan Partridge, which makes no sense at all as Partridge was gloriously funny and this was a bag of shite I wish I could kick in to a river. Hopefully viewing figures will decline for this, and rise for Partridge, but if the opposite happens I may have to consider committing genocide. I’ve done it before so don’t think I won’t do it again.

As many people know Chuck Lorre is responsible for many of history’s greatest crimes, being the producer of not only Two and a Half Men but also The Big Bang Theory and Young Sheldon, but he has created some decent comedy too, and right now Mom is an example of when the man isn’t committing acts of evil. A comedy about recovering alcoholics it tackles serious themes with a light touch and is that incredibly rare example of a sitcom that has six strong, very funny female leads and only one supporting male actor in the form of William Fichtner. Anna Farris and Allsion Janney are the main cast members and make for a superb double act, they’ve the kind of chemistry even Walter White would be jealous of (and I know that metaphor doesn’t really work, but hey, you get what I mean) and both are astonishingly good comic actresses. Sometimes frivolous, sometimes surprisingly complicated, if Chuck Lorre’s name has put you off checking it out I’d recommend doing so as it is one of the best network sitcoms on tv right now.

Stage Fright
Stage Fright’s a mostly likeable comedy horror musical, but for me it didn’t quite work as a whole. It felt like it wasn’t quite sure what it wanted to be, sometimes it’s very cartoonish but in other places it wants to be taken sincerely and the two don’t always mix. There’s a lot to like about it though, including many of the songs, so I’d definitely recommend seeking it out, even if it’s not exactly a perfect movie. Oh, and it’s worth sticking around for the end credits too, where they have a great song about whether you’ve pirated the movie or not.

Youtube Video of The Week
Fancy seeing Frank Skinner and Steve Coogan perform stand up together almost thirty years ago? This short clip is from the duo’s Edinburgh Festival show in 1990 recorded for the BSB show The Happening, where they’re pretending to be two old golf players and they swap stories which include lines like “My old gran used to say the streets of London are paved with bastards” and a story involves Frank having the shit kicked out of him, before they burst in to song. It’s not exactly the best thing either of them have done but it is oddly daft and contains some unusual silliness.

Alex Finch.

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