Stand Up Special Review: Daniel Muggleton

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Many a first special from a comedian show a lot of promise but suggest that the comic isn’t quite the finished article just yet, some performances are a little lacking in confidence and the material contains jokes very similar (though by no means identical) to that of other comedians. None of this applies to Australian comic Daniel Muggleton’s debut “Let’s Never Hang Out” though, it’s an assured piece which sees a strong performance from the comedian which suggests that he’s likely to only get better and better.

It’s impressive stuff from the get go as Muggleton opens with a routine about terrorism, with a fair few self-deprecating jokes about how the safest place to be is at one of his gigs as they tend to be in basements and not packed to the brim, but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before ISIS will consider him as a target as his popularity will no doubt increase. So yes, I am suggesting he should be caught now before he’s dead. Ahem. The routine becomes even funnier as he discusses why there’s so little terrorism in Australia, before he segues in to material about the differences in racism in the UK and Australia with another tightly written section.

The next segment sees Daniel comment on levels of drunkenness and his behaviour in fast food outlets, comedians joking about McDonald’s and other such places isn’t perhaps the most original thing to do but he has a refreshing take on it and most importantly generates a lot of laughs. And made feel me bitter that McDonald’s don’t do a family feast offer over here, and I’m sure you’ll feel the same way after hearing the set. After this he talks about how he’s now living with his girlfriend but not ready for children, mainly as he can’t decide on what to name any potential kids in a bit which also contains plenty of laughs. It leads in to his experiences about being an only child which contains a fantastic line about how this has helped him understand Chinese culture, and even better is a brief routine about his school, with references to his school motto and the the explanation behind his school colours making me laugh hard, as did the joke”It’s weird to be an only child and still not be the favourite”.

The final part of the show is as engaging as the rest of the set as he speaks about his girlfriend’s 18 year old brother and all the plans he has, before chatting about his taste in porn. Avoiding lazy laddish material he makes it surprisingly non-creepy, and the line “I’ve actually been watching a lot of interracial porn recently, because I miss Obama” is one I’m sure many a comedian is jealous of. A brief foray in to politics is amusing even if I don’t agree with his theory that middle aged people shouldn’t be able to vote, and it has a superb gag about how it might be an issue that young people might just vote for the hot guy, but hey, it worked for Canada. Then he ends with a story about about an extremely drunk girl and a guy with a lazy eye which also delivers, and then some.

It’s an absorbing and entertaining set which has a lot of killer lines, and the audience present laughed as much as I did. Muggleton covers a lot of topics in just under fifty minutes and does so with aplomb, jumping from idea to idea seemingly effortlessly. It’s the kind of show which you’d expect from someone doing their third or fourth hour at the very least, and if he continues to grow as a comedian by that point we should be witnessing something really special indeed.

Alex Finch.

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