Comedy Snippets: 07/02/2019

comedy snippets

The Other Two
This new Comedy Central show sees siblings Brooke (Helene York) and Carey (Drew Tarver) have to deal with the fact that their thirteen year old brother Chase (Case Walker) is pretty much the new Justin Bieber while their own lives are going to shit. It’s early days so far and only two episodes have aired but I’m finding it to be very likeable stuff, and the second episode had a great couple of scenes where the sister ends up going back to the house of a youtube star only to be horrified when she (eventually) discovers that she’s only eleven years old, while the brother’s desperate attempts to appear straight so he could get a gig on an advert also generated a lot of laughs. Ken Marino stars as the kid’s agent and as always is fantastic value, Richard Kind is adorably funny as Chase’s somewhat rubbish agent, and the satire of Hollywood ways has proven to be entertaining so I’d definitely recommend checking it out.

Hannah Gadsby’s Douglas
It’s been revealed that Gadsby’s new show is going to be all about her dog, Douglas, and everything which happened to her after Nanette was released and became one of the most famous stand up specials ever released. It’ll be first toured in the US (with more info about that here: but hopefully she’ll bring it over to London shortly afterwards.

Roast Battle S03E01
Once again I’m a bit late to the party with this as it aired in January, but I watched the first episode as a friend of mine, Tom Ward, was taking part in it. It’s a bit of an odd show though, host Jimmy Carr’s okay in it (which surprises) and his opening barbs at one of the judges, Jonathan Ross, amused, but Ross was painfully weak, he comes across as the sort of desperately trying to be cool Uncle who refuses to act his age and is a bit of a twat. In this episode he was obsessed with a Grand Theft Auto reference which wasn’t funny at all but he kept on going on about it, presumably because he thought the youth of today would like it. Second judge Katherine Ryan proved herself to be the funniest of all three, but anyone aware of her stand up probably knows that anyway, yet frustratingly she didn’t get much to do here. When it came to the Roast Battles themselves first up was Darren Harriot vs Tom, with the latter coming up with the best line of the night when he described Harriot as “A racist character act played by Rob Beckett”. Harriot was disappointingly weak but still somehow won, and this isn’t bias either as I’m fond of Harriot’s stand up but some of his barbs were awful, with one receiving absolute silence from the audience. The second round was even weaker, with Tom Allen being painfully irritating and coming out with a terrible reference to the holy ghost, so it came as no surprise that the judges preferred Larry Dean, but even he wasn’t that great. It’s certainly not a show I plan on watching again unless I’m really fond of the comedians taking part, and it would be no tragedy at all if it were cancelled.

Guys and Dolls (1955)
Marlon Brando bets Frank Sinatra a grand that he can fuck anyone, so Sinatra chooses a Salvation Army missionary, but soon enough sexy old Marlon’s getting her drunk for the first time before kissing her passionately. Which yes, is beyond dodgy and the film’s sexual politics in general are pretty questionable. Meanwhile Frank Sinatra’s trying to avoid marrying his fiancee and also run a craps game whilst hiding from the pesky police. It’s two hours and thirty minutes so yeah, you know what that means unfortunately, and whilst three or four of the songs are memorable some are bland and certain dance sequences go on a bit. Still, it’s fun to see Brando sing, Sinatra’s fiancee’s endearing, and the script’s fairly sharp throughout, but it’s definitely problematic in places and I can’t quite understand why this is considered such a classic.

Youtube Video Of The Week
The opening to the 1989 Oscar’s ceremony has gone down in history for all the wrong reasons as it was a horrendous car crash which was so awful it ended producer Allan Carr’s career. You can easily see why it would do such a thing though as it’s beyond terrible, and thus very funny, and includes Rob Lowe’s painful duet with Snow White, Merv Griffin singing “I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts” and cameos from Vincent Price and Roy Rodgers. None of it makes any sense whatsoever, but it did make me laugh hard at several points and has to be seen to be believed.

Alex Finch.

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