Comedy Snippets: 31/01/2019


Crazy Ex-Girlfriend – S04E11
After a few average episodes the show finally had a return to form with this great episode which sent up romcom conventions as Nathaniel fantasised about being in a cliched romantic comedy. Even though initially it felt like because it was all one long fantasy sequence it would mean nothing by the end it had real repercussions and was sweet and affecting stuff. My only complaint was that there was only one song, given that it was an ultra ridiculous affair there were many, many moments where they could have burst in to song so the fact that they didn’t frustrated a little. Still, hopefully it’s a sign that the show is back on track and from now on in there won’t be anymore filler. And also that because Rebecca is with New Greg right now she won’t be by the finale, I’ve tried to like him and Astin’s performance is okay, but he’s a little wet and nothing-y and I’d much rather see Rebecca end up with Nathaniel.

Tigtone is a new series currently airing on Adult Swim and expect a longer piece on it soon, but in short it’s a send up of fantasy series set in the middle ages, while the animation is basic it looks quite beautiful and most importantly the gags are strong and there’s plenty of joyous silliness found within each episode. So if you’ve not checked out I’d recommend going to Adult Swim’s site here and watching every episode, they’re only eleven minutes long and it won’t be something you’ll regret.

Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life
Essentially a kids film, I caught this last night because Andy Daly has a large role in it and I love that man an enormous amount, as should everyone. In it he plays a bastard of a headmaster who toys with the wrong students who then enact a series of pranks upon him which get bigger and crazier as the film goes on. He’s superb in it, as you might expect, but what surprised me was how likeable a film it is in general, a lot of the gags made me laugh a lot and it’s got a sweet centre too. It’s not a film which you’ll wish to watch time and again but it’s a great way to spend a cold snowy Sunday afternoon.

Angie Tribeca
I’ve no idea if Angie Tribeca is coming back for a fifth season given how the fourth ends, but if it does unless the reviews are stunning I’m not going to be watching it. As mentioned in posts from the last couple of weeks after a strong start it’s become rather bland, and that applies to the final two episodes as well. By the end I was only watching for plot reasons rather than because it made me laugh a great deal, and the resolution was okay but not that interesting. Given it’s high gag rate it did make me smile a few times and the occasional joke was strong but overall it was a little disappointing and it’s probably time for the actors to move on, as all involved are pretty damn superb but the scripts are no longer worthy of their time.

Richard Herring’s Leicester Square Theatre Podcast
Episode 199 is now up on youtube and sees Richard interview a surprisingly chirpy and chatty Terry Hall, who tells a good few funny anecdotes and is pretty amusing in general, even if you’ve previously not been a fan it’s definitely worth listening to:

Youtube Video Of The Week
This time around people should drop everything they’re doing (yes, even if you’re currently giving birth to a small baby or involved in hostage negotiations) and watch the quite frankly fucking amazing Joseph Morpurgo perform a sketch entitled Snake. Morpurgo’s my favourite comedian around right now and this should give you a sense of why he’s so special:

Alex Finch.

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