Comedy Snippets: 24/01/2019

comedy snippets
Oh Lucy!

Towards the end of last year Rotten Tomatoes published a list of the best rated comedies of 2018, and this American and Japanese co-production was right at the top with a 100% rating. And it is a pretty decent film, telling of Setsuko (Shinobu Terajima) a Japanese woman who becomes obsessed with John (Josh Harnett), her American English teacher. But I’m not completely convinced it should be described as a comedy, at best it’s a drama with some funny moments and it’s not the kind of film which will make you laugh out loud that often at all. However it is endearing to watch Setsuko slowly fall in love with John, and her sister’s bitchiness (mostly) elicits a lot of smiles, as does a cute scene where Setsuko smokes marijuana for the first time. It’s undoubtedly a bittersweet affair though, as even though John and Setsuko have sex their relationship is a fractured one, and the ending is almost horribly bleak, though there’s a suggestion of some hope in the final scene which saves it from becoming a truly depressing movie. I’d definitely suggest watching it, but don’t go in with the expectation that it’s the funniest film of the year as I did thanks to Rotten Tomatoes misleading list as if you do you’ll walk away a little disappointed.

Blark And Son
A short stop motion series that originally aired twice weekly on Instagram, this has now been developed in to a longer format with each episode around the 7 – 8 minute mark and it’s being shown on Comedy Central’s Youtube Channel. The first episode sees a son and father fail to bond with the son mostly wanting to spend time playing games online and the dad hunt various creatures in real life. It’s mostly reliant on meanness and OTT violence, with the Dad buying a genetically modified rat and putting it in the walls of the house so that they could have something fun to track down together. I wish I could say something positive about it, but no, it’s just a bit rubbish, it feels in some ways like it’s trying too hard to be edgy and the dialogue is weak and naff. I thought I should give it a second chance though and so watched the second episode, but if anything that was worse. The plot revolves around the son being obsessed by a school teacher, so the Dad converts the house in to a pretend school to gain his son’s affections. There’s a deliberately bad song, jokes about maths being a “hippy dippy subject” and the Dad also pretending to be another Fonz-esque student. I wanted to laugh, I always do, but it’s just a really bad show and even Patton Oswalt cameoing as a teacher couldn’t save it. Still, I could be wrong, it happens ten to twenty times a year, so if you fancy giving it a shot you can watch it here:

Angie Tribeca
In what’s turning out to be a very negative edition of Comedy Snippets this latest season of Angie Tribeca just isn’t doing it for me. As mentioned a couple of weeks ago the first two were pretty decent but since then it’s all been downhill. Bobby Cannavale’s petulant child act is wearing thin and though there’s always a good few jokes that will make you laugh per episode the plots have been a bit predictable and though it’s not a chore to watch it’s not something I’m rushing through, hence why I’ve not yet seen the final two episodes of the season despite them being available on Hulu since the end of December.

Youtube Video Of The Week
This week’s youtube recommendation was released back in January 2011 but since then it’s only garnered 2,830 views, and 30 of them are definitely mine, if not more which is a real shame as it’s a thing of subtle beauty. Noble’s one of my favourite comedians and his two recent shows, Kim Noble Must Die and You’re Not Alone were stunning pieces of comedy the likes of which will remain in my memory to my dying day as they were so unique and hilarious. This short video is about Noble vandalising diaries in shops, writing in fake appointments and miscellaneous thoughts and then leaving them there for someone to buy. Which he really did, indeed as comedy stunts go this is pretty mild work by his standards. Anyhow, it’s very funny stuff, and builds to a reveal that I adore an enormous amount. So go here to watch it, and fall madly in love with the man too.

Alex Finch.

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