Comedy Snippets: 10/01/2019

comedy snippets
Best Week Ever With Paul F. Tompkins

Thanks to watching an old episode of this show from 2008, because I’m addicted to all things Paul F. Tompkins, I’ve now witnessed a man castrate a sheep with his teeth. A lawsuit is of course now planned, but in the meantime this American version of Harry Hill’s Tv Burp is something of a guilty pleasure as Tompkins mocks the best and worst of American tv, and it’s a shame it’s not still on the air. Still, if the words “Myspleen” mean anything to you it can be tracked down and watched via that site.

I’m a big fan of Adam McKay, mainly due to Step-Brothers being an astonishingly good comedy film, when I watched it the first ten minutes left me oddly cold but the rest had me in hysterics. McKay’s also responsible for a little known film called Anchorman, and a good few other great pieces of comedy, but this is fairly bland, I wanted to like it but found myself tuning out after about 20 minutes and for the first time in years fell asleep at the cinema, hence why I’m not giving it a full review but just mentioning it here.

A new blog has just been launched which highlights the best of female comedy, and you can visit it here:

The new series started on Tuesday night and was a thing of joy, a review of future episodes will be posted on the site but if you’ve not seen it yet do so now, and then watch this great interview with Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney which sees Emma Kennedy quiz the two.

Angie Tribeca
I gave the first episode of season 4 a fairly positive review and the second episode was fairly strong too. But the third and fourth disappointed and felt repetitive, despite Deon Cole returning for one of them. So I’m not that optimistic it’s actually worth watching the whole series, but if I do return to it and enjoy it I’ll post again on this page.

Youtube Video Of The Week
Due to being a regular visitor of the CookdandBombd comedy site / forum I saw a clip from Lenny Henry’s 1995 Christmas special where he impersonates both characters from Wallace and Gromit. You can watch the sketch here – – but be warned, it’s quite terrifying, a sort of weird uncanny valley version of the duo with the costumes and make up used being so odd that I wouldn’t be surprised if it was directed by David Lynch. It’s not funny either, just strange, but it can’t be denied that it’s pretty captivating stuff.

Alex Finch.

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