Stand Up Review: Louis CK, December 2018

Over the last couple of months Louis CK has unfortunately been performing at stand up clubs and now an audio recording of the material he recently did at a gig has leaked on to the internet. Right now CK is doing his best to get it removed from with a youtube upload having been taken down in the last hour, but if you search Reddit it can be easily found. Not that it should be, given what he did I believe it’s way too soon, though I don’t know if a return to comedy in 2028 would be too early either. But at the same time I thought I should give it a go, see what CK is attempting to do, and to try to judge the material on it’s worth and not it’s context.

Alas that’s not possible in the slightest, as CK starts out saying “So what kind of a year did you guys have?…Did you ever have an entire bad year?…A time so shitty it starts to get funny?” before bragging about how much money he lost in one day, and how his mother still calls him to tell him when he’s in the news despite it not being a positive thing. Then it somehow gets even less funny as he moves on to making jokes about the French taking their temperature via “a thermometer up the arse” and even if he hadn’t done the things he had it wouldn’t be funny. After this a segment about growing old follows and it’s the hacky kind of nonsense that you’d cringe at if you heard it at an open mic gig.

It gets worse as it goes on as he calls his Doctor “An old Jewish faggot”, it’s as if he’s deliberately trying to appal people, as if he’s trying to be the new Jerry Sadowitz and do offensive comedy that shocks everyone, but the problem is that when Sadowitz was at his best his material was dripping with irony and wasn’t to be taken seriously. I feel Sadowitz has lost his way in the last decade though and does shock for shock value, it’s no longer funny and the same applies here, it’s just tedious shite of the worst variety. In the rest of the gig there’s piss taking of his kids views, gags about “retarded kids”, rambling nonsense about black men having big dicks, rape and paedophilia jokes and Christ, if you can think of a shitty lazy tired subject to attempt to be humorous about CK probably tries it here.

Throughout the gig I honestly tried to give the material a fair shot, but the whole time I felt that this tedious man who seems unable to give a genuine, heartfelt apology for the harm he’s caused simply wasn’t funny. I don’t know if doing a set about what he did, the hurt he’s responsible for and the careers he ruined would have been better and I doubt his victims would have felt any better for such a thing, but at least it would suggest he has some self-awareness and the knowledge of what a cunt he has been. But whatever the case, he clearly hasn’t, and simply believes he can return to the stage after all this time and carry on as if nothing had happened, and his material is absolutely appalling.

Somewhat depressingly the audience present at this gig seem to disagree with me, they laugh and they laugh hard throughout. Maybe there were people present who sat their stony-faced, I’d certainly hope so, but worryingly from this and reading various sites out there it seems he still has an audience, and a large one at that, so rather depressingly he’ll probably release a special via his website soon and earn far, far too much money. These are grim days indeed.

Alex Finch.

Related Link:
The set was on youtube but has now been taken down, if it turns up again we’ll post a new link here.


  1. Great review, I’ll need to give it a listen. I’m a huge fan of Louis C.K, but since the revelations I’ve found it hard to watch his stuff. I get the sense that Louis doesn’t really give a shit about what he did though, which is sad.

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    • I used to really love him too, the first four seasons of Louie used to be one of my favourite shows but given how he’s acted since the revelations I’m really struggling to see anything he’s done without being appalled by the man, and him producing this really poor 50 minutes of stand up has disappointed me further.


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