NextUp Review: Laura Lexx: Tyrannosaurus Lexx

Laura loves being married, even if she does hate her partner’s face sometimes and surely nearly everyone who’s been in a long term relationship can understand that. And if you can’t, damn you for being so fortunate (if my girlfriend is reading this we’re one of the latter people though, honest my love). In Tyrannosaurus Lexx Laura tells of the initial joys of domestic bliss, but also the concerns and problems that follow.

It’s a meditation on ageing as well, her pre-marriage nerves and issues with the ways wives are depicted in the media, as she doesn’t want to be like those who supposedly start eating snickers during the ceremony to spitefully put on weight, and as they’re pronounced man and wife they inform him that he can no see his friends and begin dismantling the playstation, which is extremely funny material yet worryingly true about too many tv series.

The nature of day to day life when you’re living together is also explored in pleasingly unpredictable ways, there’s jokes about the problems of buying a vacuum cleaner when there’s 36 attachments and how they’re made by sadists who make them see-thru so you see “An archaeological record of your filth” which made me laugh hard, as does her story about “The plug socket of Dorian Grey”. Soon she’s discussing her wish for children but it’s mixed with her fears that she might be a terrible parent – “You think this is a stage persona. It’s not!” elicits much laughter, and there’s great bits about her gynaecologist being her dad and her husband believing he still weighed the same amount as he did upon his birth, and also not getting attached to animals in David Attenborough documentaries as “It’s like watching the first ten minutes of Casualty”. It’s impossible not to empathise with Lexx’s uneasiness about life, or be impressed by how self-aware she is, a segment on the accents of animals being pretty superb all the way through.

In the final quarter she talks about how a clip of her dealing with a heckler went viral, which contains the superb line “Comedienne is a French word, it means one per panel show”, and how the parts of the media categorises women separately in comedy and how much she understandably hates this. Material about feminism follows and contains some amazing commentary, like “If you ever worry that feminism has gone too far please just take a second to remind yourself that up until the 1970’s if you wanted to be a woman in the armed forces the only way to legally do that was to become a boat”. This then bleeds in to a segment about how she banned social media from the bedroom, and a joke about a town crier walking in to that room crying “Hear ye, hear ye, David Cameron hath fuckethed a pig” which led to hysterical giggling.

It’s a master class in stand up and a mostly delightfully upbeat show, Lexx may be filled with angst on occasion but her conclusions are advice that all should take. The way she relates her tales will make you laugh an awful lot, and when you’re not laughing you’ll be grinning more than the Joker does, so you may well look a bit evil while watching it, and even possibly attacked by Batman, but it’ll be more than worth it.

Alex Finch.

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