Interview: Laura Lexx (2018)

Laura Lexx has been nominated for or won a great deal of awards including Comics’ Comic Best MC, Comedians Choice Award, Chortle Best Compere and the Amused Moose Comedy Award. GQ described her as “One of the most delightful performers you’re ever likely to see”, The Independent said “A joy… roars of laughter” and Chortle wrote that she is “A charming, engaging storyteller” and “Engrossing and poignant”. The Telegraph, The Mail on Sunday, Zoo and The Daily Record amongst others have included her material in their “Best Jokes of the Fringe” lists, and though I’ve so far only seen her show on NextUp, Tyrannosaurus Lexx, I loved it an enormous amount (a review will be coming soon) and everyone should seek her out this very second. In this interview she discusses her latest show Trying and combining comedy with living with anxiety and depression, the highlights and lowlights of her career so far, and how her debut novel is about Jesus returning to Earth to fix humanity.

Comedy To Watch: Your latest show is entitled Trying, can you tell us a little about it? And what’s your favourite moment from the show?

Laura: Trying is a show about living with anxiety and depression and trying to pull your life back together. It also covers trying for a baby as I did both of those things simultaneously and to varying levels of success for two years! My favourite moment is probably the end… I can’t give it away but it gets me every time.

CTW: You’re also part of the Comedians Cinema Club, what have been the highlights of performing in it?

Laura: Probably Bestival a few years ago when we did The Lion King in a big open air amphitheatre… It was so silly and fun.

CTW: Your show Tyrannosaurus Lexx is on NextUp, what was it like filming the special, and how was it working for the company?

Laura: It was great, the Next Up team are excellent and easy to work with. T-Lexx was filmed a long time after I’d finished performing that show so it was interesting relearning it and doing it later. When I filmed Trying with them it was a lot easier because I was still in full flow with it at Edinburgh.

CTW: You’ve written your first novel, what can you tell us about it?

Laura: It is about Jesus coming back to Earth and having to fix humanity via a tiny West Country village.

CTW: In a recent Chortle review it’s mentioned that there’s an infamous 2016 video of you crushing a sexist heckler, but has there ever been a heckle you found funny?

Laura: Yeah, loads. Sometimes people are really funny when they shout stuff out and it’s great – you get to laugh along. I’d only ever want to have to put someone down if they were undermining the show.

CTW: Michael Legge recently told us how he was told to fuck off by all three members of REM, have you ever had an unfortunate encounter with someone you admire?

Laura: No, I’ve been pretty lucky I think. I’ve never met anyone I admire.

CTW: You’ve been gigging now for several years, how do you feel you’ve evolved over that time?

Laura: I’ve got a hell of a lot better. A looooot better. So much quicker and better at writing.

CTW: What’s been the highlight of your career so far?

Laura: Definitely filming Live at the Apollo… Getting to play that venue was immense.

CTW: And conversely, what was the low point?


CTW: What would you like to see change about the current comedy scene?

Laura: I’d love to see more progression opportunities for people who do well on the circuit, rather than the Edinburgh Festival being the main form of progress measure.

CTW: If money were no object, what would you like to create?

Laura: A flying kangaroo.

CTW: What one piece of underrated comedy do you wish more people knew about?

Laura: Mine?

CTW: And finally, if you could interview yourself, what question would you most like to ask? And what would the answer be?

Laura: Laura, do you enjoy doing these interviews? No. I worry I am always either too sarcastic or too terse. The answers never seem interesting.

Alex Finch.

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