Live Review: Marcel LuCont, Phil Wang & more!

Marcel LuCont, Phil Wang, Olga Koch, Steen Raskopoulos, Kat Sadler and Garrett Millerick at The Good Friday Show, 2Northdown, London, 19/10/2018.

Out of the six comedians on tonight at 2Northdown’s monthly The Good Friday Show I’d only previously seen Marcel Lucont live, but I knew he alone would be worth the ticket price as he’s one of the funniest comedians around. What I didn’t expect was for all six of them to be worthy of the money, normally on a mixed bill there’s one or two who might not be to your tastes, but no one put a foot wrong tonight. Or even an elbow or a finger.

Garrett Millerick was our host for tonight and as a MC he’s a breath of fresh air, if not a tornado of one, refusing to do any crowd work (because it’s not your name on the poster) and delivering a torrent of stand up which is laugh out loud stuff, and get’s the crowd in a great mood. His segment on Paul Cattermole’s Brit Award is one of the highlights of a night of superb comedians, whilst he’s got a great bit on Chesney Hawkes too and I’d love to see him do a full hour. Phil Wang followed, presumably as he was off to do a gig somewhere else afterwards (or maybe he likes to be in bed by 10pm, I just don’t know), and as anyone who’s seen him on the current series of Taskmaster he was extremely confident and very funny. Doing material about being half white and half Chinese (so he’s not a minority, he’s both majorities), how he misses the world cup (or Race Wars, as he calls it), and his relationship woes (including taking a date to the muppets when she didn’t know anything about them) he elicits strong laughs throughout.

After a short break we were treated to five minutes from Kat Sadler, testing out new material and showing us some PowerPoint slides. It’s undoubtedly funny but she lacks confidence a little, perhaps because it wasn’t jokes she’s done often before, but if she’s able to overcome this she should turn out to be pretty damn great as the PowerPoint aspect is a lot of fun and the jokes are strong too. Steen Raskopoulos was the second act of the section and oddly enough the only name on the bill that I wasn’t previously aware of. I plan to rectify that and then some after this superb set, which sees him first do a sketch set at a spelling bee and then improvise a scene where he takes someone from the audience and reprimands them for their behaviour at the office party the night before, getting the audience to make up his various misdeeds. And then he acts them out through the medium of dance. It’s quite frankly bloody hilarious stuff, I was wiping tears of laughter from eyes throughout, and he ends on a song which ties in to the first sketch somewhat beautifully. If he doesn’t shoot to fame incredibly quickly I’ll be astonished, he truly deserves to be on our tv screens as soon as humanely possible.

Another interval follows and we get a quick five minutes from special guest Olga Koch, whose material mainly revolves around the fact that she was born in Russia but then moved to America in her teens. Whilst only a brief set it generated plenty of laughs and I can’t wait to hear more from her when she supports James Acaster at a gig I’m attending next month. Then all too soon we were close to the end of the evening, with headliner Marcel LuCont taking the stage. LuCont is a deliberately low energy act but that’s in no way to his detriment, and he gets some of the biggest reactions from the audience of the night, and this is a crowd who have laughed hard throughout the evening. After a brief bit of mockery of the venue and how it’s myriad of fairy lights will no doubt be responsible for killing off the polar bears he launches in to a poem entitled Fifty Ways To Leave Your Lover, and nearly all fifty cause the audience to burst out laughing, before ending the set with an audience Q&A, where he’s asked what his favourite part of France is (the soil, as it happens), who is his favourite serial killer (Jeffrey Dahmer), and one gorgeously sexy individual (fine, fine, it was me, I admit it) asked him how he’d solve the Brexit problem and his response was suitably hilarious.

It was undoubtedly one of the best night’s of comedy featuring a mixed bill that I’ve attended in ages, and if they’re able to continue putting together line up’s as great as this one I’ll definitely do my very best to be in the front row for each and every one.

Alex Finch.

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