Interview: Andy Kindler

Andy Kindler is of course an incredibly well known US stand up comedian, whose annual State of the Industry Address is greatly beloved by many. He’s also a regular on Bob’s Burgers, playing Bob’s next door neighbour Mort, and has acted in I’m Dying Up Here, Everybody Loves Raymond, Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist, Home Movies, Maron, and many many other shows. Here he discusses his current show at the Soho Theatre – tickets for which can be bought by clicking here – along with how the comedy industry has changed since he started performing, and what he’d say to Donald Trump if he ever met him.

Comedy To Watch: What can we expect from your show at the Soho Theatre? And what are you looking forward to about performing in the capital?

Andy: I’m on my Ugly America tour. I plan to complain about America for an hour and then defect. I hope being in the capital helps my case.

CTW: You’ve performed in London in the past, how do you find it differs to the rest of the world?

Andy: I love London. The crowds are friendly and it’s the definition of cosmopolitan. Now I have to look up the definition of cosmopolitan.

CTW: You started out in comedy in 1984, how do you feel the industry’s changed over the years? And if there was anything you could change about it, what would it be?

Andy: Things have changed a lot but the people who run the industry never change because they are robots. One thing I would change is the amount of money I’ve made. I’d like more.

CTW: If you had to name the one thing that you’re proudest of doing, what would it be and why?

Andy: All I ever wanted when I started comedy was to be on David Letterman’s show. I did it! Now I can die tomorrow. Which I might because I’m exhausted.

CTW: In a previous interview where you talked about stand up you said “I really love it, except when I hate it.” – What causes you to hate it at times?

Andy: Indifferent crowds.

CTW: You’re very active on twitter – what do you find the positives of the site to be? And what are the negatives?

Andy: I like joking and bantering on twitter. That’s the positive part. The negative part is arguing with trolls so long you forget to eat or drink and have to be hospitalized.

CTW: And on twitter you’re (understandably) very critical of Donald Trump – what would you say to him if you met him in person?

Andy: I would smile and tell him he’s doing a great job. And then I would say: “I’m being sarcastic.” That should show him.

CTW: Like your good self we’re not a fan of Ricky Gervais at all – but do you think there’s anything that he could do to win you round?

Andy: Quit comedy.

CTW: Apart from all of the projects you’ve previously been involved with, is there anything else you’d like to do in the comedy world?

Andy: I want to get into the joy buzzer business. It’s a gold mine!

CTW: And finally, if you could interview yourself, what question would you most like to ask? And what would the answer be?

Andy: Andy, why are you still doing it? Because I work for myself and can’t be fired. I have let myself go if that helps, and I’m sure it doesn’t.

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Alex Finch.

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