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Regular Features:

Coming Attractions
Currently Airing
Gone But Not Forgotten
Comedy Snippets
Gig Watch


Jonny & The Baptists
Samantha Pressdee
Susan Riddell
Natasha Granger and Kerrie Thomason
Rhys Nicholson
Donna Gray from Pamela’s Palace
Archie Maddocks
Clara Bilj
Lucy Frederick
Tania Edwards
Steve Bugeja
Travis Jay
Jacob Hawley
Ray Badran
Pierre Novellie
Michelle Drozdick
Kieran Boyd
Alex Kealy
Isa Bonachera
Kevin James Doyle
Milo Edwards
Robin Morgan.
Yasmine Day
David McIver
Harriet Braine
Laura Lexx (2019)
Steve N Allen
Konstantin Kisin
Joz Norris
Scott Capurro
Daniel Muggleton
Chris McCausland
Sean McLoughlin
Edward Aczel
Catherine Bohart
Myq Kaplan
Lewis Dunn
Andrew Bird
Alexis Dubus aka Marcel Lucont
Laura Lexx (2018)
Paul Rose
Andy Storey
Steen Raskopoulos
Michael Legge
Danielle Ward
Phil Lucas
Tony Law
Alasdair Beckett-King
Evelyn Mok
Jake Jabbour and Josh Simpson
Jak Knight
Andy Kindler
Athena Kugblenu
David Reed
Suzy Bennett
Michael Brunström
Joe Jacobs

Live Reviews:

Natasha Leggero and Moshe Kasher – The Endless Honeymoon Tour
The Parentheticals – Improdyssey
Villain, Interrupted
Willis and Vere: The Starship Osiris
Extreme Improv
Louisa Keight – Jinkies
Fern Brady – Power and Chaos
John Hastings – 10 John Hastings I Hate About You
Ian Lane – Paperweight
Flora Anderson – Romantic
An Audience With Yasmine Day
Archie Henderson – Jazz Emu
Milo Edwards – Pindos
Soho Cinders
Dope Comedy with Daniel Muggleton, Thomas Green, Brodi Snook and Grant Busé
Jordan Brookes – I’ve Got Nothing
Ed Aczel and Ali Brice
George Fouracres – Gentlemon
Hard Copy by Isabelle Sorente
Neil Hamburger – No One Loves A Hater
Lou Sanders – Say Hello To Your New Step-Mummy
Tarot and Goose
Josh Glanc – Glance You For Having Me
Olga Koch – If/Then
Anna Mann, Harriet Kemsley, Arnab Chanda, Alice Brine, Alex Kealy, Jenny Bede, Catherine Bohart, Helen Bauer
How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying
Night Of The Living Dead Live!
Shaken Not Stirred – The Improvised James Bond Film
Rob Kemp, Josh Pugh
David McIver, Will Rowland
William Andrews -Willy
Michael Brunström – World Of Sports
Morgana Robinson, Spencer Jones, Lou Sanders, Athena Kugblenu, Alice Brine, Brett Goldstein, Gabby Best, Sophie Duker
Mark Thomas – Brit-ish Podcast Recording
Myq Kaplan – All Killing Aside
Garrett Millerick – Sunflower
Jamali Maddix, Maria Shehata, Max & Ivan, Myra DuBois, Esther Manito, Danny Garnell, Michael Odewale
Daniel Kitson – Keep
Any Suggestions, Doctor?
Natalie Paladimes – Nate
Jordan Brookes – Bleed
Marcel LuCont, Phil Wang, Olga Koch, Steen Raskopoulos, Kat Sadler & Garrett Millerick
Say My Name
Jen Brister – Meaningless
Bridget Christie – What Now?
Thor and Loki
Bob Saget
Sara Pascoe
Andy Kindler
Four Days Of The Fringe

Tv Reviews:

Mortimer and Whitehouse: Gone Fishing Series 2 Episode 3
This Way Up Series 1 Episode 1
GLOW Season 3 Episode 1
Archer Season 10 Episode 9
The Boys Season 1 Episode 1
Frankenstein’s Monster’s Monster, Frankenstein
What Just Happened?!! With Fred Savage Season 1 Episode 1
Archer Season 10 Episode 5
Hunky Boys Go Ding Dong
Year Of The Rabbit Series 1 Episode 1
Good Omens Episode 6
Good Omens Episode 1
Archer Season 10 Episode 1
The Big Bang Theory Series Finale
My Dad Wrote A Porno HBO Special
Taskmaster Season 8 Episode 1
Barry Season 2 Episodes 5 & 6
Tuca & Bertie Season 1 Episode 1
PFFR’s Di Bibl
I Think You Should Leave With Tim Robinson Season 1 Episode 1
Ghosts Series 1 Episode 1
Don’t Forget The Driver Series 1 Episode 1
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 4 Episode 17
The Tick Season 2 Episode 1
Barry Season 2 Episode 1
Miracle Workers Season 1 Episode 7
The Simpsons Season 30 Episode 18
Arrested Development Season 5 Episode 16
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 4 Episode 14
Arrested Development Season 5 Episode 9
Jon Glaser Loves Gear Season 2 Episode 10
Now Apocalypse Season 1 Episode 1
After Life Series 1 Episode 1
Jerk Series 1 Episode 1
Fleabag Series 2 Episode 1
At Home With Amy Sedaris Season 2 Episodes 1 & 2
This Time With Alan Partridge Series 1 Episode 1
Hypothetical Series 1 Episode 3
Miracle Workers Season 1 Episodes 1 & 2
The Simpsons Season 30 Episode 14
Family Guy Season 17 Episode 12
Pen15 Season 1 Episode 1
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 4 Episode 13
Hypothetical Series 1 Episode 1
Russian Doll Season 1 Episode 8
Russian Doll Season 1 Episodes 1 & 2
Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 6 Episode 4
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Season 4 Episode 12
The Good Place – Season 3 Episode 12
Conan – January 22nd, 2019
Future Man Season 2 Episode 13
You’re The Worst Season 5 Episode 2
Corporate Season 2 Episode 1
Future Man Season 2 Episode 8
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 4 Episode 9
Jon Glaser Loves Gear Season 2 Episode 1
Future Man Season 2 Episode 1
You’re The Worst Season 5 Episode 1
Comedians Of The World: Nick Swardson
Comedians Of The World: Ellie Taylor
Island Of Dreams
Comedians Of The World – Neal Brennan
Comedians Of The World – Mae Martin
Angie Tribeca Season 4 Episode 1
Black Monday Season 1 Episode 1
A Year In The Life Of A Year
Joseph Morpurgo’s Christmas
The Secret Story Of The BBC Christmas Tapes
Not Going Out – The Live Special
The Shivering Truth – Fowl Flow
The Shivering Truth – Tow And Shell
The Shivering Truth – Constadeath
The Shivering Truth – The Magmafying Past
The Shivering Truth – Ogled Inklings
The Simpsons Season 30 Episode 9
Family Guy Season 17 Episode 8
Bob’s Burgers Season 9 Episode 9
Vic and Bob’s Big Night Out Series 1 Episode 1
The Shivering Truth – The Nurple Rainbow
Kidding Season 1 Episode 10
It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia Season 13 Episode 10
South Park Season 22 Episode 5
Stan Against Evil Season 3 Episode 1
It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia Season 13 Episode 9
Inside No.9 Halloween Special
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 4 Episode 3
Heathers Season 1 Episode 1
It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia Season 13 Episode 8
The Good Place Season 3 Episode 5
South Park Season 22 Episode 4
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 4 Episode 1
Harvey Birdman Attorney At Law – Harvey Birdman Attorney General
The Venture Bros. Season 7 Episode 10
The Simpsons Season 30 Episode 1
Pls Like Series 2
Forever Season 1
Taskmaster Series 7 Episode 1
It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia Season 13 Episode 1
Kidding Season 1 Episode 1

One and Done: Zombieland
One and Done: Bad Guys
One and Done: The New Big Ball With Neil Hamburger
One and Done: Back To Norm
One and Done: Blake’s Junction 7
One and Done: The Angriest Man In Suburbia
One and Done: London Shouting
One and Done: The IT Crowd (US)
One and Done: Madness
One and Done: It Happened Next Year
One and Done: What’s Going On? With Mike Mitchell
One and Done: Gittins
One and Done: Awesometown
One and Done: Daydream Believers
One and Done: Time Warped
One and Done: Golden Years
One and Done: $5.15/Hr.
One and Done: Foster Hall
One and Done: Hollyweed
One and Done: Beat Cops
One and Done: Susan 313
One and Done: Life On Mars
One and Done: AD/BC – A Rock Opera
One and Done: The Unbelievables
One and Done: Becoming Glen
One and Done: MeeBOX
One and Done: Peep Show
One and Done: Doctor Brown – The Passage
One and Done: Biffovision
One and Done: Area 57
One and Done: Pappy’s Fun Club
One and Done: Korgoth Of Barbaria
One and Done: The Hindenburg Explodes!
One and Done: The Amazing Screw-On Head
One and Done: Pistol Pete

One and Not Done: Frank Sidebottom’s Fantastic Shed Show
One and Not Done: Family Guy
One and Not Done: Blackadder’s Unaired Pilot

Essential Episodes – The Eric Andre Show
Essential Episodes – Review With Forrest MacNeil

Taken Too Soon: The Pitts
Taken Too Soon: Cowards
Taken Too Soon: Don’t Trust The Bitch In Apartment 23

Almost Forgotten: Takeover Tv
Almost Forgotten: The Duck Factory

Comedy Oddities: An Evening At The Improv With Christopher Lee
Comedy Oddities: Ant And Dec Unzipped
Comedy Oddities: The Wrong Coast
Comedy Oddities: The Michael Richards Show
Comedy Oddities: The Fonz and the Happy Days Gang
Comedy Oddities: A Perfect Strangers Halloween
Comedy Oddities: Baby Talk

Film Reviews:

Our Favourite Films: Hellzapoppin’
Our Favourite Films: The Hudsucker Proxy
Our Favourite Films: Y Tu Mamá También
Our Favourite Films: Meet Me In St. Louis
Our Favourite Films: Shaun Of The Dead
Our Favourite Films: Love & Peace
Our Favourite Films: Amelie
Our Favourite Films: Lemonade Joe
Our Favourite Films: Little Shop Of Horrors
Our Favourite Films: Me, You and Everyone We Know
Our Favourite Films: Punch-Drunk Love
Our Favourite Films: The Death Of Stalin

Cult Classics: Zebraman
Cult Classics: Dead Leaves
Cult Classics: Colma: The Musical
Cult Classics: Bathtubs Over Broadway
Cult Classics: Au Poste!
Cult Classics: Top Knot Detective
Cult Classics: Joseph And His Technicolor Dreamcoat
Cult Classics: 6 Dynamic Laws For Success (In Life, Love And Money)
Cult Classics: The Mysterious Castle In The Carpathians
Cult Classics: Happy End
Cult Classics: Dinner For Adele
Cult Classics: Enthiran
Cult Classics: The Apple
Cult Classics: Bliss
Cult Classics: Heavy Trip
Cult Classics: The Breaker Upperers
Cult Classics: Sitcom
Cult Classics: Freddy Vs Jason
Cult Classics: Bubba Ho-Tep
Cult Classics: The League of Gentlemen
Cult Classics: Sorry To Bother You
Cult Classics: The Similars
Cult Classics: The Machine Girl
Cult Classics: 8 Femmes
Cult Classics: Hudson Hawk
Cult Classics: Dougal and the Blue Cat

Film Review: Toy Story 4
Film Review: Booksmart
Film Review: Being Frank: The Chris Sievey Story
Film Review: The Man Who Killed Don Quixote
Film Review: The Lego Movie 2 – The Second Part
Film Review: The Kid Who Would Be King
Film Review: Anna And The Apocalypse
Film Review: One Cut Of The Dead
Film Review: The Favourite

Now That’s What I Call Quite Good: Thoroughly Modern Millie
Now That’s What I Call Quite Good: 2.0
Now That’s What I Call Quite Good: Schlock
Now That’s What I Call Quite Good: Future 38
Now That’s What I Call Quite Good: Summer Things
Now That’s What I Call Quite Good: Eighth Grade

Oh, The Humanity! – Free Enterprise
Oh, The Humanity! – Mad Cows
Oh, The Humanity! – Joysticks
Oh, The Humanity! – Scooby Doo 2 Monsters Unleashed
Oh, The Humanity! – Star Crash
Oh, The Humanity! – Hand of Death Part 25
Oh, The Humanity! – The Last Sharknado
Oh, The Humanity! – The Last Vampire On Earth
Oh, The Humanity! – The Deadly Spawn
Oh, The Humanity! – Show Dogs
Oh, The Humanity! – The Karate Dog

Comedy Oddities: Dellamorte Dellamore (Cemetery Man)
Comedy Oddities: Who Would Kill Jessie?
Comedy Oddities: Four Murders Are Enough, Darling
Comedy Oddities: What Planet Are You From?
Comedy Oddities: Forbidden Zone
Comedy Oddities: Brakes
Comedy Oddities: Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich
Comedy Oddities: Cabin Boy
Comedy Oddities: Toni Erdmann
Comedy Oddities: Freaks Of Nature
Comedy Oddities: Snowflake
Comedy Oddities: The Extra Man
Comedy Oddities: Three And Out
Comedy Oddities: The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy
Comedy Oddities: Ghost World
Comedy Oddities: Morons From Outer Space

DVD Review: Iron Sky: The Coming Race
DVD Review: Mary Poppins Returns
DVD Review: Stan & Ollie
DVD Review: Ralph Breaks The Internet
DVD Review: The Sisters Brothers
DVD Review: Teen Titans Go! To The Movies
DVD Review: Festival Of The Spoken Nerd – You Can’t Polish A Nerd
DVD Review: Austentatious

Streaming / Online Comedy Reviews:

NextUp Review: The Worst Of Dr George Ryegold
NextUp Review: Anna Mann – A Sketch Show For Depressives
NextUp Review: Rachel Parris – Best Laid Plans
NextUp Review: D.J. Demers – [Indistinct Chatter]
NextUp Review: Gareth Cooper – Mishmash
NextUp Review: Joz Norris – The Incredible Joz Norris…
NextUp Review: Lou Sanders – What’s That Lady Doing?
NextUp Review: Paul Sinha – Shout Out To My Ex
NextUp Review: Michael Legge – Jerk
NextUp Review: Paul F. Taylor – Pick Of The Litter
NextUp Review: Laura Lexx – Tyrannosaurus Lexx
NextUp Review: Lauren Pattison – Lady Muck
NextUp Review: Max and Ivan – The Reunion
NextUp Review: The Delightful Sausage In Cold Hard Cache
NextUp Review: Alexander Fox – Ringo
NextUp Review: Ed Aczel – Is Edward Aczel Infinite?
NextUp Review: Holly Burn – The Best of the Burn

Stand Up Special Review: John Luke Roberts – All I Wanna Do Is [FX: GUNSHOTS] With A [FX: GUN RELOADING] And A [FX: CASH REGISTER] And Perform Some Comedy!
Stand Up Special Review: Thom Tuck Goes Straight To Dvd
Stand Up Special Review: Seymour Mace – Shit Title
Stand Up Special Review: Daniel Muggleton – Let’s Never Hang Out
Stand Up Special Review: John Robins – The Darkness Of Robins
Stand Up Review: Louis CK, December 2018.

John K’s Cans Without Labels
Mr Biffo’s Found Footage
Paul F. Tompkins’s Andrew Lloyd Webber’s The Phantom Of The Opera
A1: The Long Road To Edinburgh

Comics Reviews:

Comedy Comics: Army Of Darkness / Bubba Ho-Tep
Comedy Comics: Dr Horrible – Best Friends Forever
Comedy Comics: GLOW Issues 1 and 2
Comedy Comics: Viz Issue 1
Comedy Comics: D4VE, D4VE 2, D4VEOCRACY
Comedy Comics: Star Wars: Vader – Dark Visions Issue 3
Comedy Comics: Defenders (2005)
Comedy Comics: D.R. & Quinch
Comedy Comics: Kill Your Boyfriend
Comedy Comics: Hewligan’s Haircut
Comedy Comics: Justice League International
Comedy Comics: The Comics of Scott Aukerman

Podcast Reviews:

This, That And The Other


The 2019 Edinburgh Festival Fringe Guide
Punkanary: Changing The Way Shows Are Made And Discovered
The Best Of 2018
The 2019 Preview
Stand Up Specials Round Up
British Comedy Horror
At The Recordings
Extra, Extra
The Greatest Live Comedy
Classic Comedy – The Larry Sanders Show

Comedy Snippets Archive:

04/08/2019 – Mike Tyson Mysteries, The Boys, Los Espookys, Hamlet 2
28/07/2019 – Lodge 49, Fortysomething, Mutafukaz, Brazil
21/07/2019 – Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee, Neighbors From Hell, Live At The BBC – Desiree Burch, Robot and Frank
14/07/2019 – Another Period, Suzi Ruffell – Dance Like Everyone’s Watching, The Mark Thomas Comedy Product, Observe And Report.
07/07/2019 – Bridget and Eamon, Action Team, Everything Sucks, Sisters.
30/06/2019 – Taskmaster, Year Of The Rabbit, Santa Versus Dracula, Poultrygeist – Night of the Chicken Dead
23/06/2019 – The Unauthorised Bash Brothers Experience, Trigger Warning With Killer Mike, Taskmaster Sweden, City Lights
16/06/2019 – Rick and Morty Issue 50, Spiderman / Deadpool Issue 50, Lobo Goes To Hollywood, Superhero Movie
09/06/2018 – Archer, The Jellies, Mom, Bye Bye Birdie.
01/06/2019 – Rostered On, Historical Roasts, American Dad, The Phantom Of The Paradise
23/05/2019 – Barry, Urban Myths, Goatface, Shazam!
18/05/2019 – Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Taskmaster, Documentary Now, The History Of Future Folk
10/05/2019 – Dead Pixels, Santa Clarita Diet, Scot Squad, Lemon
03/05/2019 – What We Do In The Shadows, Lazor Wulf, Al Murray’s Great British Pub Quiz, Brigsby Bear
26/04/2019 – Barry, Bonding, Special, Repo The Genetic Opera
19/04/2019 – Hot Streets, Lazor Wulf, Tacoma FD, The Tick, Safety Last
12/04/2019 – The Unexplainers, The Tick, The Funny Women Awards 2019, Popstars Never Stop Popping
04/04/2019 – Santa Clarita Diet, Abby’s, This Time With Alan Partridge, Abbot & Costello Meet Frankenstein
28/03/2019 – Wayne, Blockbusters, Bill And Ted Face The Music, Hoodwinked
21/03/2019 – Shrill, A.P. Bio, One Red Nose Day And A Wedding, PK
14/03/2019 – Corporate, The Harry Hill Movie, CJ7, The Day Will Come
07/03/2019 – This Time With Alan Partridge, Frank Skinner On Demand, Girlfriend’s Day, Comic Relief
28/02/2019 – Hot Streets, Warren, Mom, Stage Fright
21/02/2019 – Jon Glaser Loves Gear, Corporate, Doom Patrol, Nudist Colony Of The Dead
14/02/2019 – American Dad, Pen15, Afterlife, The Return Of Captain Invincible
07/02/2019 – The Other Two, Hannah Gadsby’s Douglas, Roast Battle, Guys And Dolls
31/01/2019 – Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Tigtone, Angie Tribeca, Middle School: The Worst Years Of My Life, Richard Herring’s Leicester Square Podcast
24/01/2019 – Oh Lucy!, Blark And Son, Angie Tribeca
17/01/2019 – The Day Shall Come, Family Guy, Richard Herring’s Leicester Square Podcast, Jon Glaser Loves Gear
10/01/2018- Best Week Ever With Paul F. Tompkins, Vice, Catastrophe, Angie Tribeca


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