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Yeah, we know, nobody does links pages anymore. But we miss them, and so here are a selection of links to our favourite sites, comedians we love, and articles that we found fascinating.

Our Favourites Comedy Websites:

The AV Club – Undergoing a lot of changes of late, with some of the best writers leaving (Sean O’Neal will be especially missed), but it still has some great writing and is a fine place to discover new comedy.

Vulture Comedy – What used to be Splitsider, this is full of mostly US comedy news and articles, it’s a bit too heavy on the late night talk show scene but still pretty decent.

Chortle – The well known UK based site which covers tv and the stand up scene.

British Comedy Guide – Another UK Centric comedy site with a strong news service and some fantastic articles too. Definitely a place to visit on a daily basis.

CookdandBombd – Want to discuss comedy? Or just read some fascinating analysis? Then go here.

Moody Comedy – A great selection of interviews, reviews and articles can be found here.

Mustard – A superb print magazine with some incredibly in-depth interviews, thankfully they republish the best stuff online too.

The Velvet Onion – Another UK site with news, interviews and articles, currently it’s on hiatus but will hopefully return soon.

Fist Of Fun – Site devoted to Stewart Lee and Richard Herring, with some great downloads and articles.

Talking Bottom – Bottom is of course one of the finest British sitcoms yet made and if you’re fan of Adrian Edmondson and Rik Mayall’s unique brand of anarchic madness than this podcast is for you.

Humour Sites:

Clickhole – The Onion’s sister site, which is pretty great right now.

Cracked – Pretty annoying and nowhere near as good as it used to be, but still worth visiting if bored.

Funny or Die – Provider of some great stuff. And some bad stuff. But just ignore that.

The Onion – Hit and miss these days, it’s still worth reading on occasion.

Comedy Videos:

Next Up – A British site dedicated to some of the best up and coming stand ups around, along with some classic comedy sets, this costs only £3.49 per month and is a must have for all stand up fans.

Go Faster Stripe – Where shows from some of the best stand ups around can be bought on dvd or downloaded, and now for £5 a month you’ll get a digital download of everything they put out from the moment you sign up, plus three shows of your choice. So we recommend joining asap.

Soho Theatre On Demand – Our favourite London venue has now launched a streaming service, it’s a tad pricey compared to the ones mentioned above but currently includes shows from superb acts like Josie Long, Mae Martin and Joel Dommet.

Adult Swim – Lots of video content, including clips and full episodes, along with info and discussion forums worth checking out, but as with most US based sites you may need to use a proxy or vpn to view the content if you’re not in America..

Comedy Central – Often updated with a great selection of clips and episodes from their shows.

IFC – Clips and some full episodes from their shows, along with misc info.

The Onion Film Standard – As mentioned above I’ve mixed feelings about The Onion but this video series impressed an enormous amount, I lost about three hours to watching them upon first discovering it, and would especially recommend the reviews of Jaws, Citizen Kane, Fifty Shades Freed, Coco and It’s A Wonderful Life, but I’ve yet to see a bad one.

Richard Herring’s Leicester Square Theatre Podcast – Fascinating interviews with many comedians including Steve Coogan, Stephen Fry, Limmy, David Mitchell, Sara Pascoe, Peter Serafinowicz and many many others.

Daniel Kitson – It’s Always Right Now, Until It’s Later – Kitson’s classic theatrical piece is now available to rent online.

Phil – A Tribute To A Man – A short film starring Joseph Morpurgo, devised by the great man himself and director Jim Archer.

I’ve Written In Your Diary – Kim Noble has some great content on his youtube channel, but this is our favourite video which we’ve watched countless times. And we can count to over seven thousand.

Attention Scum Episode 1 – The first episode of Simon Munnery’s BBC tv series.

Sean’s Shorts – The late and greatly missed Sean Hughes tv series from the early nineties.

The Larry Sanders Show DVD Extra – Where Garry boxes / interviews Alec Baldwin

Storytime – The Bammer features in the fourth episode of this web series, and talks about her time in the psych ward.

A Gun For George – A short film by Matthew “Darkplace” Holness.

Wainy Days – David Wain’s web series.

The Maria Bamford Show – Because all should love the Bamf.

Comedians We Love:

Maria Bamford

Stewart Lee

Rachel Bloom

Andy Daly

Daniel Kitson

Adam Buxton

Bridget Christie

Kim Noble

Sofie Hagen

Jon Glaser

Andy Kindler

Michael Ian Black

Michael Brunstrom

Diana Morgan

John Robertson

Josie Long

Phil Lucas

Danielle Ward

Tony Law

Mark Thomas

Michael Legge

Tom Ward

Joe Jacobs

Alasdair Beckett-King

Robin Ince

Terry Alderton

Nathan Fielder (who doesn’t have his own site but check him out on twitter as he’s astonishingly good and we love him an enormous amount).

Joseph Morpurgo (also doesn’t have a site but this is his management’s page which is kept up to date with the latest news)

Further Reading – A Selection of our favourite articles:

The Nightman Cometh – An Oral History Of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’s Musical Episode – Everyone involved with this classic episode talks about the making of it:

An Oral History Of Seinfeld – The cast and crew talk us through the creation and filming of one of the greatest ever sitcoms:

Remembering ‘Peep Show’ with Its Stars and Creators – An indepth article about the making of this classic British sitcom:

An Oral History Of Alf – Whether you liked the show or not, this article on what happened behind the scenes from the cast and crew themselves is fascinating reading:

Wet Hot American Summer – David Wain and Michael Showalter along with various members of the cast and crew talk about the original movie, and the new prequel series:

Vice Magazine
– An article where comedians discuss their worst ever hecklers:

Fernwood Tonight – A superb article from Dangerous Minds about this classic but mostly forgotten sitcom, and if you happen to be a member of something called myspleen you’ll be able to view it in full too.

Interview: Rick and Morty – Justin Roiland, Dan Harmon, and writer-performer Ryan Ridley speak to The AV Club in depth about the second season:

Our Favourite Venues:

Angel Comedy

Soho Theatre

Leicester Square Theatre

Comedy Cottage

The Comedy Museum

99 Club

Jester Jesters

Comedy Virgins

The Albany

The Camden Head

Other Sites We Love:

366 Weird Movies – Some of the very best film journalism on the net, this site has an incredibly impressive selection of reviews of some of the strangest (and yet still brilliant) films out there.

Podnose – The UK’s leading Independent Entertainment Podcasting Network has a great selection of fantastic podcasts.

Kane’s Alphabet Karma Show – A superb radio series which features a mix of music and comedy.

Vodzilla – A magazine site devoted to all video on demand content.

The London Comedy Map – Find out where various sitcoms were filmed or set.

Nathan Rabin’s Happy Place – The former AV Club writer’s personal site which is full of great reviews and articles.

View From The Cheap Seat – A superb theatre review site with some of the best writing on the internet.

We Are Cult – A site dedicated to the best cult tv, film and music out there.

Buffet Bitch – Reviews of the best buffets around.

Maria – A Blog – Poetry, outsider art and more.

The Doctor Who Companion – A great fan site with news, reviews, interviews and articles.

Alex Finch.

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