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About The Site:

Comedy To Watch was launched in August 2018 as we wanted to create a site where people could write about all of the comedy across the world right now (which is an awful lot given this era of Peak Tv, the fact that the stand up scene is bursting with an enormous amount of talented comedians, and online comedy is more impressive than ever) whereas most comedy sites are country specific.


If you would like us to review your stand up show, play, tv series, film, podcast, comic, online video or anything else comedy related, please contact us at: comedytowatch@gmail.com

Write For Us:

We’re currently recruiting writers, unfortunately we’re a non-profit site and can’t afford to pay people at this moment in time but the site will give you a place to showcase your work as well as interview comedians you love, and in certain cases review stand up without having to pay to do so. If you’re interested, please check out this page.


  1. Loving Alex’s review of Lou Sanders! She should do a set about her actual step-mummy – she was a well known Dominatrix with an impressive client list. Lots of material there!


  2. In reference to the recent Rick and Morty Season 4 review, I couldn’t agree more. When it takes so long for a season to launch and then you only have 5 episodes to show for the extended wait, I tend to believe the crew has hit the wall and are struggling for material. The season so far has been a disappointment.



  3. I enjoy Alex Finch’s reviews as I find them honest, sincere and thought-provoking.

    However, the typos (for ex: “heart to hear” and “from from” in the Mayim sit-com review) are not only distracting (and at times make for a completely nonsensical sentence construction) but also these errors take away the credibility of the critique.

    One or two errors are common and while maybe not professional, they are almost expected (and therefore forgiven) in today’s online media. But 10+ errors is just too jarring …especially from the editor!!! I understand this is not a paid gig, but professionalism should be the end goal, n’est pas?

    Please pay more attention to the final draft, so that the reviews valuable and insightful content is not diluted and/or dismissed.

    Thank you for letting me vent. 😀


    • Hi Trev’s Wife,

      All I can do is agree with you and apologise, I normally do proof read each review at least a few times, but the review of Call Me Kat had a huge amount of typos which I’m enormously embarrassed by – I have now gone through it and hopefully corrected them all, and will try to make sure mistakes are caught before a piece is published in the future.

      All the best,


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